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Flexner is refreshing

First, I’d like to welcome Wes Flexner to the fold of reviewers. Wes has his fingers on the pulse of the city. He offers a nice balance between the Joel Oliphint’s reviews of white flaccid boring indie rock, whatever Rick Allen does and John Petric’s attempts to call attention to himself with “shocking” opinions that the most juvenile of middle-schoolers would attempt.

In regard to Petric’s most recent Major Minor column (“It’s not patriarchy; it’s just a lack of talent,” Jan. 28) and women who can’t rock, aren’t you the one who can’t read the legend on a map (“Taking a road trip on a disappearing road,” Sept. 10, 2009)? Maybe next week you can write about your favorite diaper or baby food? Good luck with potty training.

Louise Gaskill


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J Rawls Breaks Down His Early Hip Hop History

1999 the number. another summer.

1999 the number. another summer.

cleveland is the city…this was another lifetime

cleveland is the city…this was another lifetime


Angry Andy is scurrred of Christians.

We get to Chillicothe Baptist Church, which is near a prision. CBC is huge, and looks to be fairly new. We arrive inside, and sign up at a table. A three dollar donation is required. There is a cafe in the church that resembles the Cup-o Joe in the airport or at Easton. I get a cup of coffee. Andy is terrified of God’s people. He had no idea what I was talking about when I invited him, and it dawned on him that he was now sitting in a Church.

Blueprint let me cameo is his “Keep Bouncing” Video

Talib KweliMyselfStreet Soldier Host Walter Smith, and Christian Rapper Yaves Ellis aka Street Pastor were panelists fielding the questions of 3rd to 5th graders about Race, Rap Lyrics, and the Media at Millenium Community School on May 9th.

It was an interesting experience to say the least. I got into rap partially because of how naughty Two Live Crew and NWA’s lyrics were. I was a 5th grader when I first heard “We Want Some Pussy”, but at the same time… You can’t tell kids in a school its ok…RIGHT?!

Some weird girl had pulled me in the bathroom and tried to make out with me. It was funny at first but then became really annoying.  I told her that currently she is annoying me but if she contacted me in about two hours it would be 5 am, and I would perhaps be bored enough to make out with her if I wasn’t asleep and had absolutely nothing better to do